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Regular Program

  • CNU IILE provides the regular program year round, with four sessions: spring, summer, fall and winter. Students may choose their desired quarter and begin their studies in Korean language. Throughout the program, students will learn cultural information needed for the successful application of Korean. The classes are small and offer many opportunities for interaction with the teacher and other students in class. Language learning is promoted through a variety of classroom activities and projects.
Schedule for Classes

A. Schedule for 2021 Classes

Schedule for 2021 Classes
Season Registration Period Level Test Class Period Note
China Other Countries
Spring 2020.12.31. 2020.12.13. To Be Announced 2021.03.08. ~ 2021.05.14. 10 Weeks (200 Hours)
Summer 2021.03.31. 2021.03.14. To Be Announced 2021.06.07. ~ 2021.08.13. 10 Weeks (200 Hours)
Fall 2021.06.30. 2021.06.13. To Be Announced 2021.09.06. ~ 2021.11.12. 10 Weeks (200 Hours)
Winter 2021.09.30. 2021.09.12. To Be Announced 2021.12.06. ~ 2022.02.11. 10 Weeks (200 Hours)

The date for notification of admission is subject to change

B. Educational Objectives & Content

Level Objectives & Content Hours
1 Individuals with no knowledge of Korean language will learn the principles of Korean vowels/consonants and pronunciation. Individuals are expected to converse at a basic level upon the completion of the course. 10 weeks
(200 hrs)
2 Individuals are expected to communicate in day-to-day simple Korean and will be able to communicate on their own in public settings such as post offices, banks and markets. 10 weeks
(200 hrs)
3 Individuals are expected to understand and express themselves mostly in Korean. Individuals will go through in-depth training in grammar and writing. 10 weeks
(200 hrs)
4 Individuals are expected to learn many vocabulary and expressions. Basic social issues of Korea will be leaned and understood, and they will gain skills/abilities to communicate in both work settings and university level class settings. 10 weeks
(200 hrs)
5 Individuals are expected to understand general social conditions of Korea and express themselves in Korean. Individuals with interest in applying to college/graduate schools will go through in-depth training in writing and reading. 10 weeks
(200 hrs)
6 Individuals are expected to speak Korean freely and have no problem watching and listening to Korean movies, drama and news. they will also be capable of communicating with Koreans. 10 weeks
(200 hrs)
Advanced class Learners are expected to speak Korean freely and have a discussion in Korean. they will be capable of making moving picture in Korean. 10 weeks
(200 hrs)
Pre-Sessional Class Learners are expected to learn how to study undergraduate and graduate class. they will be capable of communicating with professors and other Koreans. 10 weeks
(200 hrs)

※ 15 students per class, 4-hour class a day

C. Class Time

Category 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Morning class 09:00~09:50 10:00~10:50 11:00~11:50 12:00~12:50
Afternoon class 13:30~14:20 14:30~15:20 15:30~16:20 16:30~17:20

D. Cultural and Extracurricular Activities

  • Learning about Korean Culture: Wearing Hanbok, Korean Ettiquette
  • Cooking Korean Food: Bulgogi, Korean soup, Bibimbab
  • Cultural Exploration: Andong Hahai Village, Geryongsan Pottery Village, Jeonju Hanok Village, Baekje Historical Heritage, Lotte World
  • Other Activities: Writing Contest, A Korean Singing Contest, Food Festival For International, Watching Korean movies, UCC Contest

Evening Program

  • This course is for adults with no prior knowledge of Korean who acquire the communication skills necessary for everyday life. The program focuses on enhancing communication proficiency, which is essential for business people living in Korea.
  • For your reference, this course is not eligible for visa status.
Level Class size Hours Class Period Frequency
Basic ± 30 20 6 weeks 2 times a year  
Intermediate ± 30 20 6 weeks 2 times a year  
Funded by Daejeon Metropolitan City
  • Eligibility : A high school diploma or equivalent only those with a valid
  • Process
    • - Registration Site Registration office(room 103) at CNU
    • - Telephone: 042-821-8817

Requested Program

  • When there is a request by any foreign organization, such as a private business or a Diplomatic Mission to Korea, classes are organized for its members. All teachers are highly qualified and experienced and use effective, modern teaching methods. Such classes are conducted either at CNU or at a placed designated by the organization


a) Types
  • Scholarship for excellent record: 3 high rank students in each class every session
    • 1st prize : 30% of tuition fee (worth 400,000 Won)
    • 2nd prize : 15% of tuition fee (worth 200,000 Won)
    • 3rd prize : 7% of tuition fee (worth 100,000 Won)
  • Undergraduate Tuition Scholarship
    • We support students who enter undergraduate school after having completed CNU regular Korean language courses for more than 1 year by providing them with a 500,000 won scholarship. (Scholarship payment is subject to regulation of Institute of International Language Education)
b) Awarding Scholarship
  • Scholarship will be awarded through the student's bank account