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  • Admissions


Application Form Download

Consent Form of Providing Personal Information Download


  • Foreigners or overseas koreans
  • Highschool graduate or equivalent level


  • 1. Submit required documents
  • 2. Take an interview
    • 1) Only those who are selected by reviewing documents
    • 2) Basically, it’s an Skype interview. However, we will have a local interview in specific countries
  • 3. Transfer payment
  • 4. Provide documents for visa
  • 5. Entry

Application documents

D-4 visa
  • Application form
  • Self-introduction with a study plan
  • Graduation & transcript certificate with apostille or verified by korean embassy
  • A copy of passport
  • A copy of picture with passport picture size
  • Bank statement with over $10,000
  • A copy of tuberculosis test
  • A copy of parents ID card, parents income statement, parents current employment certificate, family relation certificate.
  • ※ Only for Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Peru, Ghana, Ukraine, Egypt, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Iran, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China
  • ※ Consent form of collecting/Providing personal information for third parties
  • ※ All documents must be translated into english or korean by public notary office.
C3-1, F, D2, E2, E1 visa, etc.
  • Application form
  • A copy of passport
  • A copy of picture with passport picture size
  • Consent form of collecting/Providing personal information for third parties


  Amount Note
Application KRW 60,000 Non refundable
Tuition KRW 1,300,000/10 weeks Follow the refund policy
Housing KRW 1,000,000/10 weeks Non refundable


  • Name of Bank : Hana Bank
  • Swift code : HNBNKRSE
  • Account Number : 660-910010-72105
  • Sender : Name of applicant
  • Account Holder(Receiver) : Institute of International Language Education, Chungnam National University
  • ※ Must be transferred by korean won

Refund Policy

  • A student who withdraws prior to the start of the course receives a 100% tuition refund.
    application fee will not be refunded.
  • A student who withdraws by the first week of the course receives a 80% tuition refund.
  • A student who withdraws after the first week of the course receives no refund.
Additional Information
  • Application documents should arrive no later than the application deadline.
  • Cancellation of entrance or registration is possible before entry to Korea. In that case, application fee is not refunded.
  • If students fail to pay tuition by the deadline, they will not be accepted.
  • In case of cancellation and payback, service charges and transfer fees will be deducted by the bank.
  • Original documents issued in foreign countries should be submitted in Korean or English with notarized translation. No documents submitted will be returned to the application in any case.
  • If any document is found to be fake or counterfeit at any time, the student will be rejected. If this crime is discovered after being accepted by the ILEC, the student will be rejected even if s/he has commenced studies at the ILEC.
  • Students must be insured.
  • Items not stated above should be followed according to ILEC regulations regulated by the director of the ILEC.