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Not only the reasonable prices but innovative designs ------- our products competitive in the local market, which allows us to extend our market to the world. (A) to make (B) make (C) makes (D) making 6. Membership at the Plaza Fitness Club ------ its members unlimited access to all kinds or sports facilities and special discounts on sports wears. (A) to give (B) giving (C) given (D) gives 7. The News that savings banks across the country have already begun to recover from the long economic recession ------- many companies to increase investments. (A) encourages (B) encourage (C) encouragement (D) encouraging 8. For our guests convenience various clothing and sports equipment ------- available at our hotel. (A) is (B) are (C) have (D) has 9. Economics ------- considered as one of the most basic subjects that MBA majors take in undergraduate school. (A) do (B) does (C) is (D) has 10. Many application forms of the training seminar ------- to be submitted to the personnel department by the end of next month. (A) need (B) needs (C) to need (D) needing 2. 1. Before you work out at the gym, you had better deposit your ------- at the front desk. (A) belong (B) belonging (C) belongings (D) belonged 2. The state government decided to spend a large amount of money on the first stage of ------- in the beautification project. (A) development (B) accident (C) component (D) developing 3. According to a recent survey, most employees prefer having a pay ------- to having long vacation time. (A) rise (B) rose (C) raise (D) raised 4. The damage to the car caused by the traffic accident on the highway can be repaired by the insurance -------. (A) cover (B) covered (C) covering (D) coverage 5. The ------- required by the company should remain confidential. (A) informed (B) informative (C) inform (D) information 6. Research and development teams should take the customer satisfaction with a new product into ------- in assessing market share. (A) accounting (B) accountant (C) accounted (D) account 7. M-mart is well known to customer because it cling to its policy of providing a high-quality product at a reasonable -------. (A) rate (B) fare (C) toll (D) fee 8. Since there are more ------- than expected, we should ask other executives to interview them. (A) apply (B) applying (C) application (D) applicants 9. A number of ------- decided to go on strike when Ample Corporation announced that it would raise prices by 3%. (A) distribution (B) distributors (C) distributor (D) distributed 10. As the building inspector commented safety, the new ------- regulations are expected to be implemented. (A) safe (B) safety (C) satisfying (D) satisfactory 11. If you need ------- information about our packages, please contact us by phone or by e-mail. (A) many (B) few (C) several (D) more 12. As soon as you deposit the ------- fee into one of our accounts, you will be registered to the business courses automatically. (A) apply (B) appliance (C) application (D) applicability 13. If there is a problem with the new computer set, report it to our ------- department. (A) sale (B) sales (C) to sale (D) sales person 14. ------- computer monitor buyers are turning their attention to the NK models that are equipped with LCD monitors. (A) Much (B) Many (C) A litter (D) Litter 15. An ------- in the classified section of the NEW York Times attracted much attention because it appealed to peoples generosity. (A) advertise (B) advertising (C) advertisement (D) advertisements 3. 1. Please inform ------- when the next shipment will arrive at the designated port. (A) our (B) us (C) ourselves (D) ours 2. -------major concern is whether stock prices will fluctuate again within the next quarter. (A) His (B) She (C) Him (D) He 3. At the welcoming party, the president ------- shook hands with each new employee in person. (A) himself (B) him (C) he (D) theirselves 4. One of the two applicants for the opening has a degree in business management, while ------- is bilingual. (A) other (B) others (C) the other (D) the others 5. Mr. Tyson thought of the presentation as an opportunity to demonstrate ------- as a qualified marketing director to the board. (A) him (B) he (C) himself (D) his 6. Unless the owner shows up within the next two days, the precious watch which Mr. James found will be ------- to keep. (A) he (B) his (C) her (D) himself 7. I would like to appreciate ------- sincere advice which helped me to get through the financial crisis. (A) you (B) your (C) yours (D) yourself 8. Due to the recent recession, our net revenues of this year have decreased substantially from ------- of last year. (A) this (B) that (C) these (D) those 9. Although the two parties agreed to the proposed pay raise, they refused any concessions on ------- points. (A) another (B) other (C) others (D) the others 10. ------- of the environmental groups have been taking every measure possible to protect our environment. (A) Almost (B) One (C) Every (D) Most 4. 1. If you leave your ------- unattended at the airport, you cannot claim it after 24 hours. (A) a baggage (B) baggage (C) baggages (D) many baggage 2. Besides helping you to take ------- of this computer program, we provide you with useful tips for buying used computers at reasonable price. (A) the advantage (B) an advantage (C) advantages (D) advantage 3. An employees job performance review is ------- indicator by which the management can know how well he or she is doing in the company. (A) best (B) more (C) most (D) the best 4. The companys sale figures have increased as ------- of aggressive marketing strategies. (A) a result (B) results (C) the result (D) result 5. The new president stressed at his inauguration ceremony that our company should play ------- important role in economic growth. (A) the (B) an (C) these (D) many 6. It is our policy that most of ------- should stand in a line to enter the theater safely. (A) people (B) a people (C) the people (D) peoples 7. Our customer service hotline is open to customer twenty-four hours -------. (A) a day (B) the days (C) day (D) days 5. ٳ 1. After the company won the bid, the president shook hands with its staff and ------- to them in person. (A) said (B) expressed (C) told (D) spoke 2. After the power was out in the factory, nothing remained -------. (A) seen (B) to be seen (C) to see (D) seeing 3. The city council will ------- the issue as soon as they address the current agenda such as limited parking area in the city hall. (A) deal (B) deal with (C) deals with (D) dealt 4. The company ------- us that the deadline for the AT&K Transfer payment of $100,000 was extended to August 20. (A) expressed (B) mentioned (C) said (D) informed 5. The company extended the deadline to next week in order to let more applicants ------- for it. (A) apply (B) applied (C) to apply (D) applying 6. When the company announced its success in the European market, it ------- all employees to have a week vacation for a prize. (A) let (B) had (C) allowed (D) made 7. If you find any defects in our product, please ------- our customer service department immediately. (A) deal (B) talk (C) speak (D) contact 8. The architect recommended that the movie theater be designed to be ------- to young customers. (A) attract (B) attraction (C) attractive (D) attractions 9. Considering that the recent decrease in sales in American market has remained ------- over the past quarter, we expect to see sales in other markets to be on the wane. (A) continue (B) constantly (C) constant (D) continuity 10. If and emergency should happen, everybody should ------- with the safety guards directions to evacuate the building safely. (A) deal (B) infer (C) comply (D) follow 6. pٳ 1. The art gallery announced that it would be ------- for renovations for a month, but it would reopen on June first. (A) closing (B) closed (C) close (D) closure 2. Since the supplies of replacement parts have ------- very low levels, we should find other distributors as soon as possible. (A) reach (B) reaching (C) to reach (D) reached 3. Most employees were opposed to a new requiring that every employee ------- unpaid vacation for a month each year in order to reduce the companys deficits. (A) take (B) took (C) taking (D) to take 4. The captain told the passengers that their landing might be ------- due to the inclement weather conditions at the airport. (A) delayed (B) delay (C) delaying (D) have delayed 5. We do research on customer satisfaction regularly so that we can ------- them with better services. (A) provide (B) providing (C) provision (D) provided 6. The travel agency has ------- that its clients confirm their reservations before they leave the country. (A) require (B) requiring (C) required (D) requirement 7. According to the recent analysis released by the Bank Association, the current financial markets do not significantly ------- from the standard level. (A) deteriorate (B) deteriorated (C) deteriorating (D) to deteriorate 8. A lot of industry analysis predict that the growth rate of the manufacturing industry will ------- on the wane over the next few years. (A) be (B) being (C) been (D) was 7.  1. Our mobile phone sales in China ------- since we introduced the latest model, Super 7. (A) increase (B) increasing (C) will increase (D) have increased 2. The library usually ------- on weekends and national holidays. (A) close (B) closes (C) closed (D) closer 3. Most of the participants in the seminar paid attention to Ms. Beth who successfully ------- last nights event. (A) organize (B) organized (C) have organized (D) organizes 4. You ------- a lot of different situations by the time you finish this intensive business course. (A) will have experienced (B) have experienced (C) had experienced (D) experienced 5. After you ------- my report, you can revise any significant errors without my permission. (A) will review (B) review (C) reviews (D) reviewed 6. By the time Nick arrived at the office, his client ------- there and was waiting for him. (A) arrive (B) has arrived (C) had arrived (D) will have arrived 7. The productivity of the factory has improved tremendously since the board ------- a new incentive program. (A) implement (B) implements (C) implemented (D) have implemented 8. When you ------- office supplies next time, make sure that you get prior permission from the accounting department. (A) will order (B) order (C) orders (D) ordered 9. It ------- almost 10 years since Mr. Max was elected as mayor of Kansas City. (A) is (B) was (C) has been (D) have been 10. The sales figures ------- extremely by the next quarter due to the huge order that has been made recently. (A) increased (B) have increased (C) will have increased (D) had increased 8. 1. The maintenance department informed us that tickets to the company s excursion should ------- in advance because it had to make reservation beforehand. (A) purchase (B) be purchasing (C) be purchased (D) have purchased 2. The package ------- three nights stay at a luxurious hotel and four continental breakfasts. (A) include (B) includes (C) is included (D) including 3. Come and take advantage of the marked-down price because prices on all kinds of sports clothing and gear have been ------- remarkably. (A) reduced (B) reducing (C) reduce (D) to reduce 4. Market analysts ------- that unemployment rates will remain steady next year due to the lasting recession. (A) expect (B) expects (C) are expected (D) is expecting 5. More funds ------- by the environmental groups which have been opposed to industrial development nationwide. (A) are generating (B) are being generated (C) generate (D) generated 6. The management is glad to confirm that our factory has ------- a safety grade by the National Inspection Association. (A) given (B) been given (C) been giving (D) be given 7. Five seasoned prosecutors were in charge of investigating the scandal which ------- last week. (A) is happening (B) happens (C) happened (D) was happened 8. Potential stockholders are pleased ------- the announcement that Selom and Cox Industry will be merged. (A) with (B) for (C) to (D) from 9. If you need more information about the reservation, look at the reverse side of the reservation form which ------- hotel locations and rates. (A) shown (B) showed (C) shows (D) is shown 10. Before Tom Jone, an economic expert, joined our company, he ------- several books on economics. (A) publishes (B) is publishing (C) had published (D) had been published 9. Ȭ 1. In order ------- incidental expenses, the company has initiated several policies on safety. (A) for reducing (B) to reduce (C) reducing (D) deduced 2. The aim of this workshop is to ------- those who are interested in running their own business. (A) advice (B) advise (C) advised (D) advising 3. Owing to a shortage of memory capacity, it has been necessary ------- the companys computers. (A) for upgrading (B) upgrade (C) to upgrade (D) upgraded 4. Our new assembly lines launch has been delayed because it failed ------- the safety test conducted by the government. (A) to pass (B) for passing (C) pass (D) passed 5. Before signing the contract, all contractors have the right ------- the provisions in detail and ask them to be revised. (A) reviewing (B) to review (C) to be reviewed (D) being reviewed 6. Employees who have worked abroad are more likely ------- promoted than those who havent. (A) get (B) getting (C) got (D) to get 7. During the summer season you should make a reservation in advance ------- a room; otherwise, rates for a room would cost you too much. (A) to reserve (B) for reserving (C) reservation (D) reserved 8. The citys maintenance department improves all the roads in the city regularly to ----- the conditions of the roads. (A) maintenance (B) maintain (C) maintaining (D) maintained 9. The doctor advised the patient ------- three times a week and to not eat too much sugar and fat. (A) exercising (B) to exercise (C) exercised (D) being exercised 10. Since the airport was closed due to the heavy snow, we took a bus and managed ------- there on time. (A) getting (B) got (C) to get (D) to be got 10. ٳ 1. If you have difficulty ------- at night, you are advised to take this pill two hours before you go to bed. (A) sleep (B) to sleep (C) sleeping (D) slept 2. The sales team held a meeting to discuss aggressive strategies for ------- its market share in Europe. (A) expansion (B) expand (C) expanding (D) expanded 3. The president suggested ------- an anti-smoking campaign for the employees and offered various incentives to those who stopped smoking. (A) to start (B) starting (C) started (D) start 4. You should have attended the conference because a lot of business owners were looking forward to ------- you. (A) see (B) seen (C) seeing (D) being seen 5. Due to the shortage of space, the president asked the manager to find effective ways of ------- offices in the building. (A) relocating (B) being relocated (C) relocation (D) relocated 6. Mr. Gray was considering ------- the job offer from Singapore Development because it offered him the most competitive benefit package that he had ever got. (A) take (B) to take (C) taking (D) to be taken 7. Fortunately, the management are willing to spend their time ------- with the union members as long as they request a reasonable pay raise. (A) to talk (B) talk (C) talked (D) talking 8. You can install the new software program for yourself by ------- the instruction book carefully. (A) follow (B) fellow (C) following (D) being followed 11. 1. At our 10 th anniversary ceremony, people who were ------- to the event will meet our new president and his new staff. (A) invite (B) inviting (C) invited (D) invitation 2. In order not to confuse the policy holders, the insurance company, Safe Life has sent out letters ------- its new policy. (A) explain (B) explaining (C) explained (D) explanation 3. Although they are not injured, workers ------- at the accident scene are advised to see a doctor. (A) remain (B) remaining (C) remained (D) being remained 4. The invited guests will receive free brochures ------- the history and current situation of the company. (A) describe (B) describing (C) described (D) description 5. Since the buyers ------- in the deal were satisfied with the results, they promised to cooperate with us. (A) involve (B) involving (C) involved (D) being involved 6. If you open a saving account at our bank now, 10% interest will be added to the amount of money --------. (A) deposit (B) depositing (C) deposited (D) depository 7. Once ------- with Sun Industry, K.F. Technology will dominate the information technology industry field. (A) merge (B) merging (C) merged (D) it merged 8. After receiving the ------- architectural plan of the main building, the president asked the whole staff to move to the west wing. (A) finish (B) finished (C) finishing (D) being finished 9. Money Flow, a journal quarterly ------- by the government provides useful information of recent business trends. (A) distribute (B) distributing (C) distributed (D) distribution 10. Employees ------- in the building after 11 should notify the safe guards and deposit their identification cards. (A) remain (B) remaining (C) remained (D) reminding 12.֩Ƭ@ 1. -------, the existing machine turned out to work faster than the new one. (A) Surprise (B) Surprised (C) Surprising (D) Surprisingly 2. Mr. Gorge finally got the job because he demonstrated his ability in a ------- manner at the interview. (A) confide (B) confided (C) confiding (D) confident 3. Mr. Rogers had been ------- a hard worker that the board agreed to promote him as a senior manager of the hotel. (A) so (B) such (C) very (D) too 4. If you want to subscribe to our magazine, please read the instruction carefully and complete the application form -------. (A) accord (B) accordingly (C) accordance (D) accorded 5. Our protective clothing is warm ------- to wear in the cold mountain area. (A) very (B) too (C) already (D) enough 6. ------- of the domestic manufacturing companies have outsourced the parts manufacturing for their products in the developing countries recently. (A) Almost (B) Most (C) The most (D) AT most 7. Although the net profits of the company were ------- satisfactory last year, the management did not raise the wages. (A) much (B) very (C) few (D) several 8. Almost all the employees of the company worked so ------- that its market share rise by 30% last year. (A) hard (B) hardly (C) harder (D) hardest 9. As the beautification project of the city is not ------- finished, the city needs a lot of volunteers to help it. (A) complete (B) completion (C) completely (D) completed 10. With labor costs very ------- in Southeast Asian countries, we can not compete with them in terms of wages. (A) low (B) lower (C) lowest (D) lowering 13. Xά 1. Most car drivers are very angry about the decision made by the government to increase the tax ------- petroleum products. (A) on (B) in (C) for (D) at 2. It is reported that K-Mart has recently coped with financial difficulties by a reduction ------- expense. to as in for 3. Since the flight for London is fully booked up, we will put your name ------- the waiting list. (A) at (B) on (C) in (D) for 4. All employees will receive health benefits at the companys expense ------- the new company policy as of September 1. (A) at (B) for (C) under (D) beyond 5. Not the federal government but the state government is responsible ------- the maintenance of public facilities such as roads, bridges, and parks. (A) for (B) at (C) in (D) on 6. Ms. Lang expect Motel 7 to compensate her ------- its mistake on her hotel bill according to its compensation policy. (A) by (B) from (C) over (D) for 7. Although the company had planned to complete it two months ago, the new factory is still ------- construction. (A) at (B) for (C) under (D) in 8. Books that are returned late are subject to a fine ------- accordance with the library policy. (A) in (B) for (C) at (D) to 14. ȍ 1. The customer who made orders have to wait for their products for at least two weeks ------- the items have been out of stock. until since though because of 2. Our favorite football game was cancelled; -------, we decided to go to a movie. (A) in retrospect (B) however (C) therefore (D) otherwise 3. The new gymnasium will be equipped with modern sports facilities not only for the employees ------- for the employers. (A) nor (B) or (C) but also (D) and 4. Published research articles must show correct statistics ------- readers may interpret them correctly. (A) in order (B) so that (C) that (D) while 5. ------ you assemble your new bicycle for yourself, it is essential to use the instruction manual attached. (A) On (B) In time (C) When (D) Because 6. The public concert hall is not allowed for the children under 10 to enter, ------ accompanied by their parents. (A) if (B) unless (C) as (D) in case that 7. ------ the long economic recession, the consumption of luxurious items has increased steadily. (A) Although (B) Despite (C) In spite (D) With 8. The price of potatoes continues to rise ------- the high demand for fast food. (A) because (B) as (C) despite (D) owing to 9. ------ the two-day training on the new job procedures, the workers dont seem to be confused. (A) Because (B) Thanks to (C) Due of (D) Now that 10. ------ the continued effort to save energy, the amount of petroleum consumed last year increased by 20%. (A) Although (B) Though (C) In spite of (D) Because of 15. Ĭ 1. The economist ------ will give us a speech at the workshop teaches students at Memphis College. (A) who (B) whom (C) which (D) whose 2. The 20th anniversary will be held at the Plaza Hotel, ------ can accommodate hundreds of people. (A) who (B) which (C) that (D) whose 3. ------ you do in order to quit smoking, we believe that you will succeed in it sooner of later. (A) What (B) Whatever (C) How (D) That 4. Many college graduates want to work in a large enterprise ------- wage is relatively higher than that of a small corporation. (A) who (B) which (C) whose (D) that 5. A newsletter can help employees and employers to gain a better understanding of ---- Is going on in the company. what which that whose 6. Mr. Gregory, ------- is leading the sales team, will be promoted to the level of vice president. (A) who (B) which (C) that (D) whom 7. The physician ------- I consulted advised me to exercise regularly and avoid eating fast food. (A) whoever (B) whom (C) whose (D) which 8. The company wants to hire a local manager who has a lot of experience in the sales field and ------- competent and enthusiastic. 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Mr. Willy has been transferred to Hong-Kong branch, ------ has the largest locall warehouse in Asian region. (A) who (B) which (C) that (D) whose 10. Although SL Industry was a tough negotiator, we won some major -------. (A) prizes (B) merits (C) concessions (D) agility 16. ȕ 1. If we ------ the conference in a large auditorium, we could have accommodated more people. (A) held (B) had held (C) hold (D) had been held 2. If Mr. Jones had taken the subway instead of a bus, he ------- at the meeting on time, which could have helped the buyers to have a good impression on him. (A) could arrive (B) could have arrived (C) could have been arrived (D) had arrived 3. If our bid for the contract ------- more competitive than other companies, we could have won the bid. (A) have been (B) was (C) will be (D) had been 4. If our vacuum cleaner ------ not work properly, please contact our customer service center and well exchange or refund it. (A) wont (B) can (C) might (D) should 5. If the features of our product were emphasized on our advertisement, customers ----- our products much more than now. (A) would buy (B) bought (C) would have bought (D) buy 6. If Cliff Bank had not accepted the loan application of General Machine last month, it ------- bankrupt now. would have gone would go went will go 7. ------ the labor union keeps asking for a pay raise of 12%, the management will consider shutting down the company. (A) Unless (B) Provided (C) In case of (D) Whereas 8. ------ the workers known the safety regulations before entering the chemical factory, the accident could have been prevented. (A) Have (B) Had (C) Would (D) Should 9. Had the new accounting software been installed earlier, the accountant ------- the report by the due date. (A) would have completed (B) would complete (C) completed (D) had completed 10. ------ that had it not been for their sincere devotion to the project, this remarkable report would not have been possible. (A) Provided (B) Only (C) Without (D) For 17. DP@ \ 1. The vice president, who recently took a business course at Correl University, is trying to introduce a new management system which will cost the company -------. (A) the least (B) lessen (C) less (D) lesser 2. The company has decided to adopt a new payroll system, which is considered ------- than the old one. (A) efficient (B) efficiently (C) most efficient (D) more efficient 3. Due to the long economic recession, making a decision to open a new branch office in Asia is the ------- task that the company has ever undertaken. (A) difficult (B) more difficult (C) most difficult (D) as difficult 4. Of the two candidates, Mr. Jackson is ------- for the job of dean of the college because both students and faculty support him. (A) qualified (B) more qualified (C) the more qualified (D) most qualified 5. Once the repairs are done, we guarantee this machine will be as ------- as a new one. (A) better (B) good (C) best (D) well 6. Of the five proposals for the annual festival, the company chose the one submitted by Jansens Event, stating that it would be the ------- to implement. (A) easy (B) easier (C) easiest (D) most easiest 7. If you are concerned about the money, buy a conventional camera because it is up to five times more affordable ------- a digital camera. (A) as (B) to (C) by (D) than 8. The closer you are scrutinizing the documents, ------- mistakes you will have for the presentation at the upcoming conference. (A) few (B) fewer (C) the fewest (D) the fewer v*:; JLEZu,dL4$^,`gdq9 dL4$WDj^ `gdy dL4$gdDL&dL4$WDj^&`gdq9u%1ARS %>x,dL4$UD]x^,`gdq9,dL4$^,`gdq95A ųųœvVBųų&hq9hy5OJPJQJ^JaJo(>hyhWn5>*CJOJPJQJ^JaJfHo(q &8hy5>*CJOJPJQJ^JaJfHo(q &>hyhy5>*CJOJPJQJ^JaJfHo(q &#hq9hWn5OJPJQJ^JaJ&hq9hWn5OJPJQJ^JaJo(&hq9hFw5OJPJQJ^JaJo(#hq9hFw5OJPJQJ^JaJ>NW\de Fczx&dL4$UDWDj]x^&`gdq9xdL4$UD]xgdq9 & FxdL4$UD]xgdq9Fh#2?NO x,dL4$UD]x^,`gdq9x dL4$UDWDj]x^ `gdyx&dL4$UDWDj]x^&`gdq9   $ & 6 < @ B R T ./0쵤wwwwk__K?h\\hN'5CJo(&h\\hM5CJOJPJQJ^Jo(h\\hl;A5CJo(h d\hl;A5CJo(-h\\hl;A5>*CJ\fHo(q &'h d\5>*CJ\fHo(q &U h}5OJPJQJ^JaJo( hM5OJPJQJ^JaJo(#hq9hN'5OJPJQJ^JaJ&hq9hWn5OJPJQJ^JaJo(&hq9hN'5OJPJQJ^JaJo( |1@MZgh 0EFx,dL4$UD]x^,`gdq9     xdL4$UD]xgd}x,dL4$UD]x^,`gdq9 [t@ǽ u] u8 }Œ0: RC 0D 200  P1 BBCBB DABCA P2 CACDD DADBB DCBBC P3 BAACC BBDBD P4 BDDAB CA P5 DBBDA CDCCC P6 BDAAA CAA P7 DBBAB CCBCC P8 CBAAB BCACC P9 BBCAB DABBC P10 CCBCA CDC P11 CBBBC CCBCB P12 CCBBD BBACA P13 ACBCA DCA P14 BCCBC BBDBC P R T r      ( F d       .0235689 d4$gd} d4$gdl;A15 ABBCA ABBBC P16 BBDDA BBBAA P17 CDCCB CDD     PAGE  PAGE 3 0134679:<=CDEGHNOPQRTUVh\\hN'5CJo(h/0JmHnHuhDL hDL0JjhDL0JUh!7jh!7U9;<EFGRSTUV d4$gd} &`#$gduz& 01h2P. 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